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Where Do I Put My Wallet?

Where the hell do I put my wallet?  I don’t want a big lump on my butt, but I can’t sit comfortably if I use a front pocket. 


In an ideal world you would wear a jacket whenever you appear in public – suit for the office, a great blazer for after hours, a kicky sport coat for weekends, a deconstructed linen jacket for those warm summer nights – and you would put your wallet in the inside chest pocket where it belongs.  That pocket was specifically designed for a wallet.  And wallets were specifically designed for jacket chest pockets.  Do you really want to mess with that kind of engineering?  Added bonus:  Wear a jacket and you look like someone to be reckoned with instead of just a random schmuck.

However, if you are determined to be a random schmuck and head out without a jacket, do not put your wallet in your back pocket.  In fact, don’t put anything in your back pockets.  Ever. Sew the damn things shut if you have to.  The solution is to invest in a second wallet – either an ultra-slim billfold or a good soft leather card case.  Put your cash, your ID, one bank card and one credit card in there and then slip it into the front pocket of your pants.  It’s clean, generally invisible, comfortable and convenient.

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