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I Want To Pair A Cardigan With A Suit Jacket

Any rules or suggestions for wearing a cardigan under a suit jacket? I like the look but am not sure I can pull it off.

– D.C.

Of course you can pull it off – this is one of those looks that works for almost everyone, regardless of height or shape or any of those other things that we get pissed off about when we see the Canali ads in the new issue of Esquire.  All you have to do is make sure you put the “pop” in the cardigan and not the jacket.  The jacket is the frame, and it should simply draw the eye to the real show, which is the sweater.  Stick with a nice middle grey or subtle blue jacket or blazer– ixnay on the giant or textured lapels – and then wow ‘em with a big hit of red with the sweater.   Then stand up straight and walk into the room like you own the place, because you already look like you do.

And remember.  Never ever wear a wide tie.  Period.

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