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Mittens Or Gloves?

Okay, smart guy – winter is pretty much here.  So what should I wear, mitts or gloves?

-Jack Frost

I’ll make this one easy on you:  If you are engaging in a winter sport or shoveling the driveway, choose a nice warm pair of mitts.  Otherwise gloves.  Period.  Invest in a good pair that matches your everyday outerwear – and make sure you get a decent lining so that your hands don’t freeze.  A lot of the better brands now have a dual-layer lining: Cashmere next to your skin and a thermal layer between that and the outer leather.  They are comfy, durable, and a hell of a lot warmer than the traditional driving glove.

They are also going to set you back a fair chunk of change, so don’t be shocked when you have to plunk down two or three bills for a pair.  Buy the right ones and you will have them for a decade or more.  Added bonus – a classic glove never goes out of style.

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How Can I Stay Warm And Still Look Great?

Dudes at my office wear parkas or bomber jackets over their suit on their way to and from work.  Dudes at my office look like idiots.  How do I wear a suit, stay warm, and not look like those dudes?


There are two classic solutions, F.  The good news is that both look like a million bucks and both will keep you nicely warm.  The bad news is that you are going to have to empty your wallet to get on board.  Men’s outerwear tends to come in exactly two flavours:  Shockingly expensive or total crap.  Pick your poison.

Now then.  Supposing that you – having shown some cutting fashion insight with your question – have decided that total crap is not for you, it’s time to get down to business.  You want to invest in either a high-quality trench coat with a removable lining, or a proper wool-and-cashemere overcoat.  The advantages of the trench is that you get three-season utility and a higher degree of protection from the driving rain and snow.  The advantages of the overcoat is that it will keep you warm no matter what butt-numbing temperatures the winter serves up and when you wear it you look like you can buy and sell lesser humans with your pocket change.  In an ideal world you would own both, but that’s probably not entirely realistic.  And remember to keep the colour traditional – black, bone, or taupe for a trench and grey, navy, or camel for an overcoat.  This is not the place to try and get funky.  Trust me.

If you can’t decide which way to go head down to your tailor and start trying things on.  And remember to wear a suit when you go – you need to feel the fit in a real world situation.

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