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Which Shoes Go With Which Suit?

Are there actual rules for which shoe to wear with which suit? I know black with black, brown with brown, what do you wear with blue? Or summer colours? Is there a app for that?


It’s your lucky day, K – there is a rule. Specifically, make sure your belt and your shoes match. That’s it. Really. You can happily wear a caramel shoe with a black suit, or black shoes with a brown suit, or toffee shoes with a blue suit, as long as you match to the belt. If you look down and you get the idea that you are wearing clown shoes then maybe the combination is just too wild and you might want to re-think it, but in general if your belt matches your shoes you are good to go. Unless the shoes are white. Then you don’t wear them with a suit at all.  Ever.


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How Do I Kickstart My Black Suit?

What can i do to brighten up my classic black suit for fall?

 -Serious Mike

The great thing about a classic black suit is that five guys will wear it five different ways and every one of them is going to look great.  Start with the pocket square – its a great way to build some splash and colour into your formal look without breaking the bank.  Buy four or five of them to start, and match the colours to your shirt, not your tie.  It’s subtle, looks finished, and makes you stand out as having that little extra something.

If you want to push the envelope a bit more, add a couple of shirts in a solid fall colour.  Finish the look with a narrower-than-usual black tie.  And if you really want to look like you have some serious mojo going on, try the black shirt, black tie, and black suit.  It’s not for everyone, so you definitely need to try the full look in the store before you invest, and you don’t want to do it more than once a month.  But if it works for you people are going to be blown away.

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