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Which Shoes Go With Which Suit?

Are there actual rules for which shoe to wear with which suit? I know black with black, brown with brown, what do you wear with blue? Or summer colours? Is there a app for that?


It’s your lucky day, K – there is a rule. Specifically, make sure your belt and your shoes match. That’s it. Really. You can happily wear a caramel shoe with a black suit, or black shoes with a brown suit, or toffee shoes with a blue suit, as long as you match to the belt. If you look down and you get the idea that you are wearing clown shoes then maybe the combination is just too wild and you might want to re-think it, but in general if your belt matches your shoes you are good to go. Unless the shoes are white. Then you don’t wear them with a suit at all.  Ever.


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Where Can I Buy A Good Belt?

I don’t know how to buy a belt. The ones I see everywhere are always so shiny and look cheesy … any guidelines or places I can go to grab a good leather belt?

– B.K.

By “everywhere” I am assuming that you really mean “ratty ol’ department stores”, because if you did look everywhere you would have noticed that there are a bucketful of awesome men’s stores in your area that stock tonnes of good leather belts, not a single one of which is cheesy.  And, even better, those men’s stores tend to come complete with a competent sales staff that can set you up with just the belt you need.

However, if finding a men’s store that you like and spending some time with the staff is just too much work for you, here is a fun and easy shortcut:  Find a girl who dresses well, and ask her where she would go for a leather purse.  It’s pretty much guaranteed that the place she gets her bags will also have belts for you.  Better yet, talk her into going along and you get a triple-threat situation going on:  Time spent with a well dressed babe, her thinking that you are the kind of guy who cares about quality and style, and a spiffy new belt.  That’s win, win, and win.

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