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Jonny Lee Miller’s Button-Through Shirts on Elementary

Blue Industry Contrast Cuff Blue Check ShirtWho makes those shirts with the small collars that he wore this last season?

– Sumie

Ah, yes. A sure sign that autumn is well underway and another season of Elementary is right around the corner … the questions about Mr. Miller’s wardrobe are starting to trickle in. Frankly, I’m pleased about this. Mr. Miller is a damn fine actor, and he takes the time and care to dress like Not A Slob, which is something that more so-called celebrities should aspire to.

Now then. I do not have a definitive source on this particular subject, but I am going to make an extremely educated guess here and say that he is wearing Blue Industry. They use the same modern takes on plaids and checks that his character favours on the show, and they have the same scant collar and – crucial detail here – the same high placement of the second button on the placket. More to the point, I am sure that I saw the exact pattern on two of the shirts he wore last season in Blue Industry’s 2013 fall look book.

These are great choices for an everyday wardrobe foundation. The shirts have just the right combination of modern edge and classic lines … they are going to look as fresh and solid next year and the year after as they do right now. While you are browsing, make sure you take a peek at the knitwear section. The coarse-knit hooded sweaters with either the button closure or the sweet retro toggles are a killer two-season choice. You can use them as outerwear through the rest of fall and then transition them to “around the house” wear for the rest of the winter. I’m also a big fan of this beautifully minimal layering cardigan – if you are looking for one piece that refresh a lot of what you already own this would be it.

If I am mistaken here I am sure that a couple of my regular contributors will take the time to call me out, so stay tuned in case I have to endure the associated public humiliation and and point you in a different direction. In the meantime, Blue Industry is definitely worth a look.