Got Any Other Ways To Add Colour To My Office Wear?

Great Suits. Great Socks.Call me a wuss, but I’m not brave enough to wear the flower in my lapel. How can I make a little – emphasis on “little” – bit of a statement in the office but not be that obvious about it?

– J.

Dude. Statements are obvious, or they aren’t really statements at all.

However, I do see what you are getting at. You want a bit of flash, a bit of swagger, but you aren’t ready to play in the big leagues. You want to work your way up, find your comfort zone, and that’s all good. Remember: Style is pointless if it isn’t yours.

So let’s put some colour in a place that people will notice … but not a place that people notice first. If you want to strike a solid, conservative chord, build a foundation with your first impression and then add a note of flash, do it with your feet. Dress up your favourite pair of office shoes with a hit of colour and watch what happens.

Richer Poorer PF Flyers RedStrategy One: Get yourself a couple of pairs of socks from Richer Poorer. Socks are sort of a “quick strike” strategy here. When you are standing, walking around the office, or just at your desk you fly under the radar in “colour stealth” mode. But when you sit down in a one-to-one, or turn your chair away from the table at the end of a meeting … bam! Statement made, people impressed. The fact that as soon as you stand up the is colour back under wraps gives you a little air of intrigue. You, my friend, suddenly have hidden depths.

All of the Richer Poorer socks are of impeccable quality and insanely comfortable. Treat yourself to a couple of pairs or score a gift box for a friend. Looking for a place to start? Try these – nothing says “tower of corporate power” like big, bold, in your face – or feet – red.

Stolen Riches LacesStrategy Two: Invest in some laces from Stolen Riches. Good shoelaces are one of life’s little treasures. Good shoelaces that also give you a bit of “man amongst boys” style? Pure gold. You can go subtle with something like the Connie Stripe or the Parachute Maroon or you can shoot the wad with big guns like Huckleberry Yellow or the incredible Nicklaus Green. The options and combinations are endless … if you can’t decide, get yourself a four-pack and experiment.

And I would be entirely remiss if I didn’t point out that the Stolen Riches “style in a box” packages come complete with a stickpin boutonniere. I highly recommend this combo, which features two killer colours that let you punch up any black or brown shoe either a little or a lot and sets you up for the day when you decide you are actually man enough to put the flower in your lapel.

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