Can I Wear Flat Shoelaces In My Dress Shoes?

Black dress shoes with proper round lacesThe round laces that come with my dress shoes always come untied. Should I replace them with flat ones? Flat ones stay tied.

– T.D.


What? You want more? Fine. No, no, no, not in a million years no. I don’t care if you have to stoop and do the damn things up a hundred times a day (although, if you keep reading, you will see that this is not actually necessary), the answer is still no. If you want a quick and nasty guide to lace selection, go with this:

  • If your shoes came with round laces, that’s what you use in those shoes. Period.
  • If you are wearing your shoes to the office or with any sort of business attire, round laces only.
  • If your pants have a crease or a break, go round.
  • If you are in any doubt at all? Round laces.

You are probably noticing a trend here. Round laces make your shoes look finished, and they make you look like someone who knows the score.  Flat laces are fine in your running shoes and your work boots.  Beyond that … go round if you can.

As far as the staying tied up thing goes, ditch the cheap department store laces and get something decent.  Better laces stay tied.  Better laces last longer.  And better laces are kinder to your shoes, especially shoes with unfinished holes.  Spend a few bucks and get something that has both the quality and the fresh looks that you and your shoes deserve.

Stay tied.  Look great.  Go round.

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