Got Any REAL Advice, Or Is This All Fancy Shit?

200463_dustyorange_lEnough with the fancy shit. Do you have any useful tips for guys who wear normal clothes and not suits and foo-foo pantyboy stuff?

– Don’t Fucking Use My Name Either

Wow – hostility! Perhaps someone scratched your Camaro.

So, yeah. Calm down. And listen up. While I could spend the rest of this post arguing as to whether Not Dressing Like A Homeless Person constitutes “fancy”, I will take the high road here and give you a sage and useful piece of advice for guys who wear what you are terming “normal clothes” and that I am going to go way out on a limb here and guess means “jeans and tees”.

And that advice is this: Figure out whatever colour most of your jeans are (I’m gonna be Svengali here and guess that it’s “blue”) and then when you buy t-shirts, don’t buy that colour. Really. That’s it. If you jeans and shirt are the same colour you look like a bit of a nondescript tool. If you have a nice contrast, then you not only look neat, you stand out a bit too.

And if you absolutely must have a shirt in the same colour as most of your jeans (I’m looking at you, Leafs fans) then get one decent pair of jeans in a different colour – not just a different shade – and wear them with that shirt. You should have at least one good pair of black jeans anyway, and if you don’t … go buy ’em.

There. Easy-to-follow advice. And no fancy shit. Happy?

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