What Boots Does Jonny Lee Miller Wear On Elementary?

150686526What brand and style shoe does Jonny Lee Miller wear in “Elementary”?

– Jeff

That depends on which shoe you mean. If you are talking about the cool two-tone black and mid-brown boots he showed for the second half of the season, I believe that they are the leather “Hipster Chukka” boot from John Varvatos. Sadly, it appears that the two-tone version is not in this year’s catalogue. Some places at the retail level may still have them in stock, though, so if you are really jonesing for them it could be worth your time to look around.

While you are out shopping check out the “Richards” in grey suede, also from Varvatos. They are available in both a brogued and a wingtip version – the wingtip is what you will see Mr. Miller wearing if you happen to stumble across him wandering around New York outside of the Elementary set. Suede is red hot for men’s casual this spring and summer, and for good reason. A subtle suede in a classic cut and a light-yet-neutral colour looks great with almost any pant you would think to wear and gives you an effortlessly finished look and vibe.

Since we are on the topic, I should mention that the black tank boots that he wore last season were the “Flinder” from Kurt Geiger. Like the Varvatos boots, they have a nicely distressed and slightly beaten finish to give that sort of “I don’t even bother to worry about it and yet I still look insanely cool” look right out of the box. They are also on clearance as of this writing on the Geiger web store, so now is the time to lay them in for next fall. At significantly less than 100 bucks, this is a killer deal.

7 thoughts on “What Boots Does Jonny Lee Miller Wear On Elementary?

  1. Emiliano says:

    Do you know what episode he wears the Geiger boots in?

    • heystyleguy says:

      He wore them for most of the entirety of the first season. If you see a shot in the first series where he is wearing the double-breasted pea coat (ie: out and about from the brownstone), he will be wearing the Geiger boots.

  2. C Hurst says:

    What type of jacket is he wearing in that picture?

    • heystyleguy says:

      That would appear to be the “Military Field Jacket” from Burberry. It’s from the 2011 catalogue, but some retailers might still have it in stock. Search for item number 38207411 if you want to track one down.

  3. SH says:

    Where did he get that pea coat that he wears throughout the series?

  4. […] like some of his other on-screen wardrobe choices, you might have to do a bit of searching for this exact item … the design of the coat is the […]

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