What’s With The Vests?

I’m seeing a lot of vests is stores this year. Are you supposed to wear them with a suit? A tie? Both or none? What’s the deal?

– Tommy Twopiece

Tommy Twopiece, eh? Clever.

Listen: If you buy a vest as a standalone item, it’s usually meant to – and excuse my restatement of the obvious here – stand alone. Don’t try and slot it in with a suit. If your suit didn’t come with a vest then it wasn’t meant to work with one. Wear your vest with jeans and a long-sleeve sport shirt, with slacks and an open-necked dress shirt, or under a casual jacket with a high-contrast pair of trousers. Ties are totally optional here, and if you do wear something around your neck this is one place that you can go with a loose knot and still look finished.

Make sure the vest you buy fits you properly, though. This can be a tricky thing – jackets and pants have some wiggle room, but a vest has to fit just right. If it is even a little bit loose you look like you just woke up in a dumpster, and if it is even a little bit tight you look like a sausage plumping up on the grill. Get it right, however, and you have an excellent investment in a single piece of attire that can add new looks to all sorts of things you already own. If you see one that catches your eye, grab it. It’s definitely going to be money well spent.

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