Can I Wear Cufflinks Without A Suit?

There are a lot of cool cufflinks out there, but I don’t wear a suit often enough to make them worth my while. Can you wear a cuffed and linked shirt without a full suit?

– Itchy Wrists

You betcha. A double-cuffed shirt, tie, lightly-patterned trousers, and a pair of links is one of the great looks for this spring. You can even push the envelope and go without a tie if you frame the shirt with a vest. You are going to look like the cock of the walk whether you are out for dinner and drinks, visiting the in-laws on a weekend afternoon, or just rocking the office on casual Friday. Other mopes will tremble in your presence.

To make the look come across as confident and finished (and not just like you forgot your jacket somewhere) you want to give the cufflinks the “front and centre” treatment. Make them the star of the show. Go with a big hit of colour on the links – enamel on silver or steel really works for this – or a funky shape that reflects your life and personal style. These aren’t your father’s cufflinks … make a statement here, and make it big.

Oh – and go see a doctor about those wrists. That sounds nasty.

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