Can I Wear A Short-Sleeved Dress Shirt?

I’d really like to wear dress shirts with short sleeves. Is there a trick to doing it and not looking like a used car salesman?

– Too Hot

In any other situation I would hate myself for saying this, but it in this case can’t be helped. Hang on while I take a deep breath and collect myself.

Okay. If you are wearing a short-sleeved shirt in a dress situation, you must never ever wear a tie. Otherwise you are going to look like our pocket-protector-packing pal right over there. If the shirt has tails be sure tuck them in, and then finish it with a vest or a jacket or both. If the shirt has a square finish on the bottom feel free to wear it untucked and make sure you pair it with pants that have a casual cut. Remember, however, that the untucked look is for weekends or after hours. If you wear that to the office you look like people will think you are heading out to dig clams instead settling in to push a mouse. So don’t go there.

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