Mittens Or Gloves?

Okay, smart guy – winter is pretty much here.  So what should I wear, mitts or gloves?

-Jack Frost

I’ll make this one easy on you:  If you are engaging in a winter sport or shoveling the driveway, choose a nice warm pair of mitts.  Otherwise gloves.  Period.  Invest in a good pair that matches your everyday outerwear – and make sure you get a decent lining so that your hands don’t freeze.  A lot of the better brands now have a dual-layer lining: Cashmere next to your skin and a thermal layer between that and the outer leather.  They are comfy, durable, and a hell of a lot warmer than the traditional driving glove.

They are also going to set you back a fair chunk of change, so don’t be shocked when you have to plunk down two or three bills for a pair.  Buy the right ones and you will have them for a decade or more.  Added bonus – a classic glove never goes out of style.

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