Where Can I Buy A Good Belt?

I don’t know how to buy a belt. The ones I see everywhere are always so shiny and look cheesy … any guidelines or places I can go to grab a good leather belt?

– B.K.

By “everywhere” I am assuming that you really mean “ratty ol’ department stores”, because if you did look everywhere you would have noticed that there are a bucketful of awesome men’s stores in your area that stock tonnes of good leather belts, not a single one of which is cheesy.  And, even better, those men’s stores tend to come complete with a competent sales staff that can set you up with just the belt you need.

However, if finding a men’s store that you like and spending some time with the staff is just too much work for you, here is a fun and easy shortcut:  Find a girl who dresses well, and ask her where she would go for a leather purse.  It’s pretty much guaranteed that the place she gets her bags will also have belts for you.  Better yet, talk her into going along and you get a triple-threat situation going on:  Time spent with a well dressed babe, her thinking that you are the kind of guy who cares about quality and style, and a spiffy new belt.  That’s win, win, and win.

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One thought on “Where Can I Buy A Good Belt?

  1. Philip says:

    I buy my belts from Tom Taylor in Santa Fe, tomtaylorbuckles.com.

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